Energy Management for Commercial Properties: Cost-Saving Tips

Energy Management for Commercial Properties: Cost-Saving Tips

Since 2021, Tampa Bay's energy providers have raised prices yearly at rates higher than before the pandemic. No wonder, then, that the state's energy bills were the fourth highest in the country in 2023!

The good news is that you don't have to accept and "live with" high energy bills. Better energy management strategies can help lower them and make your property more sustainable.

We've shared practical tips to improve your property's energy efficiency, so read on.

Energy Audits

These are commercial energy solutions designed to determine how a building uses (and wastes) energy. By measuring your energy consumption, auditors can gauge whether it's within or higher than standard levels. If it's the latter, the experts will investigate the root cause, which may include:

  • Air leaks
  • Poor insulation or a lack thereof
  • Old and inefficient appliances
  • Energy vampires, such as gadgets and computers on standby mode

From there, the auditors will share energy-saving tips and sustainable energy practices. For example, they may suggest sealing air leaks affecting HVAC ducts, doors, and windows. They may also advise you to replace or upgrade insulation and outdated appliances.

HVAC Maintenance

In the U.S., heating, ventilation, and air conditioning account for over 50% of a building's energy use. So, your HVAC system is an excellent place to start when considering ways to reduce energy costs.

First, ensure your HVAC system gets professional maintenance twice yearly. Schedule one for your heating system in the fall and another for your air conditioner in the spring. A well-maintained system will heat and cool your building properly without using more energy.

But if your system is at least ten years old, consider upgrading to a new model. New HVAC models are more energy efficient than those built years ago. They can help you avoid high energy bills while keeping your tenants happy and comfortable.

Intelligent Technologies

Intelligent technologies used in green building management help optimize energy use.

For example, intelligent HVAC thermostats can learn your tenants' usage schedules and preferences. They then use what they "learn" to adjust the HVAC cycles automatically and lower energy bills.

Motion sensors can also conserve electricity in unoccupied spaces. For instance, they can switch the lights off if they detect no one in a room.

Professional Property Management

Comprehensive property maintenance is one of the services commercial property management companies provide. They work with experienced, licensed, and vetted building contractors. So, they provide easy access to experts who can perform the work needed to boost your building's energy efficiency.

Follow These Energy Management Tips

Energy audits, HVAC maintenance, and intelligent technologies are all effective energy management methods. They can help regulate energy use and reduce waste in your commercial property.

PMI MetroBay can also help you maximize rental profits and meet sustainability goals.

We provide full-service property maintenance and management solutions. We do this by working with a team of experienced contractors and vendors. We also take pride in being part of PMI, a national property management company managing over $5 billion in real estate assets.

So, call us today for a free consultation! We look forward to discussing how we can help manage your Tampa property.